The Highly Sensitive Person

June 2014
Opportunity to help make a film on HSPs

Dear HSPs,

I am nervous as I write this. This is a big leap for me, a cautious cheapskate. But a very high-powered team has come together that would like to make a PBS-quality, one-hour film we would call "Sensitive." The goal would be to reach not only HSPs, but non-HSPs, since almost everyone has a spouse, child, close friend, or employee who is an HSP.

It's going to be expensive: around $100,000. Gulp. We will eventually be asking all of you to give through a crowdsourcing company (probably Kickstarter). They hold the money and return it to donors if the goal is not met. You choose the amount, and we will offer some "incentives" - for example, for larger donations, an hour Skype with me or Ted Zeff (or an in-person session if a donor is in the SF Bay Area) or free tuition to an HSP Gathering Retreat, and for smaller amounts, for example, credit in the HSP store or even simply a personal letter of thanks from me.

For now, however, we need to make a very short film, a "sizzle," to introduce the idea to potential supporters and demonstrate the quality of what we will do. For that we need $12,500. This will not be through crowdsourcing. We hope one or two "angels" will come forward to provide that amount and become Executive Producers (in the credits on the final film). If you are someone who could do this, please email my assistant, Paula Dinnell, as soon as possible at

We intend to return the money to our Angel(s), aka Executive Producer(s), from the larger budget, as the sizzle footage will go into the larger movie. But we cannot guarantee that we will raise the larger amount, in which case the film would not be made. This early money would be spent and we could not return it. So there is some risk for an "Angel." The team members would be happy to talk further with a prospective Executive Producer (I keep wanting to say "Angel") about our plans and ability to carry out the final project.

If no one person can offer $12,500, or no two or three people can offer amounts of around $5,000 to $6,000, we might try funding it with many smaller donations, so don't hesitate to offer a little less. But we fear that if there are no large donors, the larger film probably cannot be funded either. Our question is, can anyone whose life has been changed knowing he or she is an HSP step up to the plate in this way so that all HSPs are better understood?

The bottom line is that we want to raise awareness throughout the general public about this wonderful trait. I think of our trait as a potential gold mine of benefits to others, but without their understanding it, it can also be a minefield for non-HSPs trying to love and work with HSPs. We all know that. Let's tell them. The research is solid; the number of us who know we are HSPs and want to share that is growing exponentially. I think it's time.



P.S. A new mini-Comfort Zone should reach you in about a week with some very exciting research news.


About the production company:

The GlobalTouch Group, Inc (GTG), is an Emmy award-winning hybrid transmedia agency. Our producing and directing credits include Oprah's Daytime Show, Clint Eastwood's "40 Years of Monterey Jazz Festival," VH-1's "Behind the Music" featuring Lenny Kravitz, "Good Morning America," fund raising films for the National Museum of U.S. Army, 2006/2007 Trumpet Awards for TBS (featuring Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Susan G. Komen Foundation among others) and development deals with Disney, Universal/MCA, CBS and Paramount. In 2005, GTG won International New York Film Festival in all major categories for their original production "Behind The Artist." GTG's most recent original production "Pinot Noir: The Holy Grail of Wine" is currently on National PBS and is featured in the International Wine Film Festival in France.

Please visit their website for a complete list of clients and samples of their work:


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