The Highly Sensitive Person

Back to Comfort ZoneMay 2014
DVD on Psychotherapy and HSPs is ready

Dear HSPs,

No, this is not a Comfort Zone, not even a brief one. Another email will come in a few weeks with real news--for example, about a high quality, very professional film in the planning about HSPs. PLUS a very exciting new research study that will be published by then in an important journal, Brain and Behavior!

For now, though, we are simply announcing that we finally have the DVD "A Live Seminar on Psychotherapy and The Highly Sensitive Person" in the website store.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is dated information. Dates, links, and other information subject to change.]

There was a delay because we wanted to be set up for therapists and counselors to take the test that will qualify them to be listed on the website. Now we are ready.

And here's how it works.

Anyone can purchase the new 4-disc DVD for $50.00, or the book Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person, from the store for $50. (Books and DVDs for professionals are always expensive, as costs are higher and sales are lower.) Both do assume some knowledge of mental health terms, however.  You also might forward this, with an explanation, to any therapists you know who might be interested.

If you are not a licensed therapist or counselor, you can stop reading now!

LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: You can watch the DVD or read the book and take an easy test in order to be listed on the website as a professional knowledgeable about high sensitivity.

This means psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and whatever else constitutes a mental health professional in your state, province, etc. In California, for example, we also have Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, and Licensed Educational Therapists. I apologize to all you wonderful coaches, but I am not planning to list coaches at this time.

If this above describes you and you wish to be listed, here's what you need to know.

  1. You will take an easy 50-item test while reading the book Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person OR watching the 4-hour DVD, and then be listed (presuming you pass the easy test the first time--you can take it again if you do not). The book and video contain the same information, so you can use either or both.
  2. The cost of the 4-disc DVD is $50, as is the book (already in the store), and the test for either one is another $75. $125 in all. (See below for a chance to receive these free.)

    This might sound high, but a lot has gone into this project and there will be more website maintenance costs as well. Although you will not be receiving CE credits, this is inexpensive compared to most of those, and tax deductible as a business expense, of course. Further, you may be able to recover your investment in as little as one or two therapy sessions. Many HSPs have asked me for referrals, so I know this this list will be used by them and very helpful.
  3. Here's how to order the DVD and test, all of which you will receive later in June, not immediately. Go to the store to order.  Pay via PayPal, choosing one of the options: DVD and test, book and test, or one of the test-only options. Meanwhile, scan in and email a copy of your license to us or mail a photocopy of it to Paula Dinnell, 2439 28th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116.
  4. You will receive in the mail the DVD and test and a form for giving us the information to list on the website. You'll take the test as you watch the DVD. The questions are in the order that you will hear the answers, so it's pretty hard to fail!
  5. When you've completed your test, you'll mail it back to the address above with the form with your information, and within a week or two you will be listed. 
  6. The book works the same way, although you may own the book already. In that case you will choose the book test-only option on PayPal and email or mail a copy of your license. When done, you'll mail back the test and form and soon will be listed.
  7. Anyone, anywhere in the world can do this, as long as you would be considered a licensed or credentialed mental health professional in your country. 


The following offer is no longer available. Thank-you for your help!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here's an opportunity to help us out and to receive the entire package free:

  1. We need six volunteers from the U.S. to help us review the test: three to watch the DVD and take the test, and three to read the book and take that test. This is to be sure the tests are free of confusing items.
  2. So we're offering, to the first six people to respond, a chance to receive the entire package free. But we want to have the tests available soon, so to take advantage of this offer, you must finish watching the DVD and taking the test by Monday, May 26. (You will email in your edits and suggestions.)

    For the book, you'll have longer. We will want you to read the book and take the test by Monday, June 9.

    Please do not ask to do this if you cannot meet these deadlines!
  3. To have a chance to be one of these people, please email this specific address: [email no longer exists] with your name, email, and phone number, and let us know whether you prefer to watch the DVD or read the book. If you're among the first six to respond, we'll get back to you by phone to arrange mailing of the materials.
  4. Do respond as soon as you can because the slots for this may go quickly.


~  ~  ~